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Bioresonance Therapy, Myths or Reality? A Complete Guide

Atualizado: 15 de fev. de 2023

Bioresonance Therapy is a modern tool of medicine, which helps fight chronic diseases, strengthens, cleanses the body of parasites and pathogens. The therapy uses devices or Apps that measure the frequency of energy wavelengths emanating from the body´s organs and systems. These measurements are subsequently used to make diagnosis and create treatment programs.

There is much debate surrounding Bioresonance therapy. As is often the case, discussion on medical topics involve both specialists and users of the devices, as well as skeptics with no medical background. As a result, a promising and versatile technique mingles with myths based on unverified facts or speculations.

In this article, will take a detailed look at how Bioresonance therapy actually works and what you can expect from this technique:

. What is Bioresonance therapy

. The onset and development of the disease

. Common causes of disease development

. How Bioresonance therapy helps to cope with causes of the diseases

. What is the process of Bioresonance therapy

. How Bioresonance therapy affects our health

. Medical research

. Bioresonance reviews

1) What is Bioresonance therapy?

All our organs emit electromagnetic waves of various frequencies. For each organ the characteristics of this radiation are different. Bioresonance therapy is the process of obtaining therapeutic effect by influencing frequencies emitted by our organs. Bioresonance is also used to neutralize pathological organisms and parasites with the help of vibrations which they can not resist. To learn more, check our website explaining better how our System Works.

Frequency of electromagnetic vibrations directly depends on the organ condition. Electromagnetic vibrations remain physiologically correct as long as the organ is absolutely healthy (according to Reinhold Voll´s frequency Scale of living organisms and tissues). When the organ´s function or cellular structure is disrupted , it emits altered electromagnetic waves. It is these changes that the Bioresonance diagnostic tool registers I order to determine the nature of deviations in the system.

There is also a backward link between the organ´s condition and its electromagnetic radiation. By emitting vibrations of the right frequency, Bioresonance therapy machines are able to enter into resonance with the organs and normalize the disturbed vibrations. Which in turn allows to change the condition of the affected organ. The principle of Bioresonance therapy is based on this relationship.

2) The onset and development of the disease

Human electromagnetic field includes a wide range of vibrations, both physiological and pathological. There are very few pathological electromagnetic waves in a healthy body and our system copes with them independently, without any help.

When a pathogenic factor (e.g.virus, bacteria or chronic fatigue) start to influence the body, the minimal changes appear first on the cellular level. These changes do not manifest themselves with any specific symptoms. At this stage of the disease, you most often feel its general signs: fatigue, weakness, emotional uneasiness. But, due the absence of more localized symptoms, no one usually plans a medical appointment at this period.

Despite weakly expressed symptoms, the affected organ, even in this initial stage, starts to emanate a different type of electromagnetic radiation. Pathological electromagnetic waves begin to drown out the correct physiological ones. If the body cannot cope with the problem on its own, pathological vibrations continue to intensify and we witness the formation of the disease with well-defined symptoms.

Various factors influence the development of diseases, so the treatment should always be approached in a comprehensive way.

3) Common causes of disease development

Virus and bacteria

Microorganisms are the main cause of acute and chronic infectious diseases. Bacteria and viruses enter our body every day. If the immune system can not cope with them – an acute illness develops, or a chronic focus of infection is formed in the body. In the latter case, there are practically no symptoms, but the person may feel unwell. For this reason, the presence of chronic infection is often hard to diagnose.

Parasites in the body

Parasites in human body, also called Helminthes, are one the most common causes of ill health, low immunity and allergies. They enter our body with water, food, as a result of contact with contaminated soil or sick persons.

According to WHO ( World Health Organization) statistics, more than 1.5billion people, or 24% of the world´s population, are infected with helminths transmitted through soil. Today, it is the most common infection on our planet. But it is not always easy to determine because of vague symptoms.

Electromagnetic Exposure:

Residents of cities and large settlements are exposed to enormous electromagnetic load. Constant contact with household appliances, cell phones, computers and other gadgets takes a heavy toll on population. Powerful electromagnetic radiation negatively affects healthy physiological electromagnetic vibrations of our body.

This is manifested by general weakness, fatigue and a feeling of brokenness. There are no obvious symptoms of any disease, but your capacity for work goes down.

Chronic Stress

Stress is our physiological response to environmental change. It is necessary for the body to learn how to adapt. In small amounts, a short-term stress is beneficial for you. But if stressful situations persist day in and day out, our body defense mechanisms wear out and disorders emerge: the work of internal organs is disrupted and immunity falls down. This is manifested by catching colds more often, feeling sick and constantly tired, besides other new virus diseases a immunosuppression related to the new mRna and Viral Vector genetic therapy.

The Influence of environmental factors:

Who experts say the 23% of all diseases are related to negative impact of the environment and bad ecology. We experience the influence of new physical and chemical factors unheard of 150years ago: ionizing radiation, new chemicals, high levels of noise, polluted air. These negative impacts lead to a gradual development of chronic diseases, decrease in capacity for work and deterioration of our immune protection.

4) How Bioresonance therapy affects our health

Every disease has a different cause: viruses, parasites, chronic stress of bad ecology. But chronic diseases often manifest themselves in a similar way: the worsen the general well-being, decrease our immunity, have a negative effect on the functioning of body organs.

To successfully fight the unpleasant, it is necessary to take into account the cause of the disease. You can´t just improve your working capacity or get rid of chronic fatigue. It is necessary to influence the cause.

Bioresonance therapy doesn´t shoot at random, it acts precisely. Bioresonance diagnostics determines what the root cause of the disease is: parasites, bacteria or viruses. Bioresonance therapy devices pinpoint the cause of the disease by selecting optimal frequencies that do not affect other organs and systems.

In case of chronic stress, overwork, negative impact of the environment, it is very important to strengthen your health and prevent organ dysfunction. General therapeutic methods of Bioresonance therapy are used for this purpose.

5) What is the Process of Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy tools revitalize the body using electromagnetic waves. Waves with different parameters and frequencies are used for different therapeutic effects. Healthy vibrations emitted by Bioresonance therapy devices find resonance with waves coming from our organs and normalize their vibration frequencies making them physiologically correct. In case of parasites and pathogenic microbes, Bioresonance therapy devices emit vibrations causing the membrane of the microorganism to burst, leading to its death.

The necessary characteristics of electromagnetic radiation are determined subsequently to the results of Bioresonance diagnostics. Moderns Bioresonance have the artificial intelligence, capable of processing arrays of data to create individual body recovery programs.

6) How Bioresonance Therapy affects our Health

General Therapeutic effect

Bioresonance therapy devices help organs and systems work properly. The focus of the disease is identified in the process of diagnosis. This step is very important for efficient therapeutic action, because each organ emits electromagnetic vibrations of different wavelength. In order for the device to aim precisely at the pathological focus, it is necessary to properly set electromagnetic waves parameters and frequency. As a result of Bioresonance effect, cellular structure and organ function are gradually restored.

Bioresonance therapy finding parasites and microorganisms

Bioresonance therapy machines affect directly the cell structure of helminths, viruses, protozoa, fungi or bacteria living in our body. The targeted resonance-frequency action destroys the cellular structure of parasites and their toxins.

Bioresonance therapy device act surgically due to the proper setting of electromagnetic radiation parameters. They destroy cell membranes of parasites and bacteria, but have no effect on healthy human tissues.

The devices have a very wide range of action, so Bioresonance therapy for parasites is efficient against most known helminths.

Toning and Revitalizing Effect

Bioresonance therapy devices generate low-frequency electromagnetic waves, which normalize body cell vibrations. Thanks to these effects cellular structures recover and return to a healthy state.

There are different modes for restoration of certain organs and systems. Their regular use strengthens your immune system and become an excellent preventive measure against diseases.

7) Bioresonance therapy: reviews and expert opinions

Scientists and medical doctors are actively researching the efficiency of Bioresonance therapy. There have been multiple studies of varying sizes proving the efficiency of this medical method.

Research on the effects of Bioresonance therapy on thyroid gland

In 2016, researchers at II Mechnikov Medical University conducted a study of the efficiency of Bioresonance Therapy in treating hypothyroidism Patients. This thyroid disease is characterized by low thyroxine levels.

Patients aged 20 to 60 with a confirmed hypothyroidism participated in the study. Results showed that after 12 daily Bioresonance treatments, their thyroxine levels increased compared to the control group, who got the placebo.

Research on the effects of Bioresonance therapy on diabetes mellitus.

Another study was conducted among patients with type2 diabetes who had been suffering from their disease for more than 5 years. The main group of participants received Bioresonance therapy in addition to pharmacological treatment. The control group received only medications.

Evaluation of study results done after 3 months showed that the quality of life of patients using Bioresonance therapy improved compared to the control group. Patients noted lower anxiety and fewer manifestations of depression. The general well-being of the patients has improved.

Reviews of Bioresonance therapy

Numerous reviews of Bioresonance therapy also confirm its efficiency. Many users of this technique note that the symptoms of their chronic disease became less pronounced, and the quality of life improved. Regular use o Bioresonance tools reduce the frequency of catching cold and makes the immune system stronger.


We hope this article has helped you better understand Bioresonance Therapy, and you will be able to make up your mind about its efficiency and potential use for yourself and your family.


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