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Bioresonance Aquera - The Future of Medicine

Bioresonance technology is a therapeutic technique that has been used for many years to help identify and treat imbalances in the body. The idea behind bioresonance is that each cell, tissue, and organ in the body emits a single vibration or electrical frequency, and that when there are imbalances in these frequency patterns, disease or disorder can occur.

Aquera is a bioresonance system that uses a combination of advanced technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to help identify and address these imbalances. It does this by measuring the frequencies emitted by the body and comparing them with the healing frequencies needed to correct imbalances.

The Aquera system can also analyze emotions and human genetic repair to help understand which emotions may be contributing to the suppression of processes in each pathology. It generates individualized frequencies for each person, which can be heard through a high definition application, using headphones. The frequencies generated by Aquera are designed to provide exactly the frequencies the brain needs to strengthen the healing signal and improve overall health.

According to research, the immune deficiency that is promoting many pathologies, including myocarditis and thrombosis, can be caused by the low electrical signal of the brain. Aquera can help improve this immune deficiency by strengthening the brain's electrical signal and helping to improve overall health.

In summary, Aquera is a bioresonance technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and treat imbalances in the body. It generates individualized frequencies for each person, with the aim of strengthening the healing sign and improving overall health. Therapy is noninvasive and can be performed using an app on a mobile device. If you are interested in learning more about this technology, it is recommended to seek additional information from healthcare professionals or the team responsible for developing Aquera.

Aquera Foundation

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