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Quantum Bioresonance in Health - PLR System

Proton Light Resonance (PLR)

How can you have your physical and emotional stability at 360%?

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Biorresonance is a technique that uses electromagnetic frequencies to assess and trea health problems. This technique is based on the premise that every living being emits electromagnetic waves, and that diseases are the result of an imbalance in these waves.

Biorresonance is related to quantum medicine because both approaches recognize the importance of electromagnetic energy in the human body. Quantum medicine seeks to understand the nature of the disease from a subatomic level, where particles have quantum behaviors.

Advances in bioresonance in the health area include the possibility of assessing a person's health from an analysis of their electromagnetic frequency patterns. With this analysis, it is possible to identify imbalances and areas of increased stress in the body, which can help prevent and treat diseases.

In addition, bioresonance can be used to treat a number of conditions including allergies, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and digestive problems. Treatment involves the use of specific electromagnetic frequencies to rebalance the body's waves, and can be done through specific devices.


Entropy is the measure of the degree of disorder of a system, being a measure of the unavailability of energy.

It is a physical greatness that is related to the Second Law of Thermodynamics and that tends to increase naturally in the Universe.

Meaning of Entropy

"Clutter" should not be understood as "mess" but as the form of system organization.

The concept of entropy is sometimes applied in other areas of knowledge with this sense of disorder, which is closer to common sense.

For example, let's imagine three pots, one with small blue balls, the other with the same type of balls only that red and the third empty.

We take the empty pot and put all the blue balls underneath and top up all the red balls. In this case, the balls are separated and arranged by color.

When swinging the pot, the balls began to blend so that at any given time there is no longer the initial separation.

Even if we continue to swing the pot, the balls will hardly be in the same initial organization again. That is, the ordered system (balls separated by color) has become a disordered system (mixed balls).

Thus, the natural tendency is to increase the disorder of a system, which means an increase in entropy. We can say then that in the systems: ΔS >0, where S is entropy.

Understand the importance of entropy of the human body.

Entropy is a measure of disorder and chaos in a system. The higher the entropy, the greater the disorder, and the smaller the entropy, the smaller the chaos. Entropy is related to the lifetime of a system because a system with high entropy is more likely to disorganize and decomm, while a system with low entropy tends to remain organized and remain functional for longer. In the case of our organism, entropy is an indicator of the health and stability of our body. An organism with low entropy is better able to maintain the order and stability necessary for biochemical processes to occur in a harmonious and efficient manner, with a controlled energy expenditure. This means that the body can concentrate the energy needed to stay healthy and functional for longer, which increases life expectancy. On the other hand, an organism with high entropy is in a state of disorder and chaos, which can be an indicator of pathologies and diseases. In this state, the body expends more energy than is necessary to maintain order and stability, which can lead to premature wear and a lower life expectancy. Therefore, entropy is an important concept to understand the relationship between body stability and health, and how we can use this knowledge to keep our bodies healthy and functioning for longer.

Understand the importance of resonant stability of protons and electrons in our body, THE CELLULAR PROTON RESONANCE!!

Proton resonance is important for the stability of our body because it is related to the stability of molecules in our cells. The PLR System is a device that uses special lights to create an electromagnetic field that can help harmonize the resonance of protons and electrons in our cells. Each LED in the device has an internal nano crystal that can help modulate cell resonance. This can lead to a more impressive energy load of Planck1 within the mitochondria, which are the organelles responsible for producing energy in our cells. The device sends frequencies that interact with proton resonance in our cells, allowing mitochondria to absorb more energy than they normally would. This can speed up the ATP cycle, which is an important process for cell division and for the maintenance of high cellular energy. In summary, the PLR System is a device that can help increase cellular energy in our body, promoting greater stability and health of our cells.

Why it's important to have mitochondrial energy to repair our DNA

Each organism has its own DNA that is inherited from its parents. If a mother has a genetic flaw in a certain medical condition at 30% and the father has the same genetic failure at 40%, then the baby will be born with a genetic failure of 70%. When we are born, our brain has high neural plasticity and begins to repair our DNA through electrical signals. This means that we are receiving frequencies from our brain during these genetic self-repair processes. For this reason, babies often sleep a lot when they are born, almost 18 hours a day.

Mitochondria are cellular structures responsible for energy production (ATP) that is critical to various cellular functions, including DNA replication. When the brain sends a signal for cell repair, energy is needed to perform this process, and mitochondria play a key role in this process. A healthy and balanced diet is important to provide the body with the nutrients needed to keep the mitochondria functioning properly. In addition, it is important to avoid eating foods that may impair the function of mitochondria, such as processed foods, high in sugars and saturated fats. With regard to gluten, it is important to note that it is not necessarily harmful to the health of all people, but it can be problematic for individuals with celiac disease or non-celiac sensitivity to gluten. In such cases, consumption of gluten can lead to an inflammatory reaction in the intestine, which can lead to intestinal permeability and other health problems. Therefore, it is important to seek a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding processed foods and consuming organic and natural foods whenever possible. In addition, it is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional for specific guidance for your individual health condition.


1) Planck constant

Planck constant (h) is the constant used to indicate the energy and frequency of electromagnetic radiation. It represents quantum, which is the amount of energy emitted in very small parts.

It is one of the most important constants of quantum physics. It is named after Max Planck, a physicist who dedicated himself to the study of quantum theory.

The value of the Planck constant is h = 6.63 . 10-34 J.s

In ev (electron volt), its value corresponds to h = 4.13566743(35) x 10-15 eV . s

The Planck constant is important for determining the energy of a photon, which is obtained by the following equation:

E = h .v


E: energy h: Planck constant v: frequency of electromagnetic radiation

Before Max Planck, other scholars tried to understand this relationship, which has been done since 1885, but the results obtained were always inconsistent.

These scholars thought that it would only be possible to measure the radiation of a body if that body absorbed all the energy that came to it. It was in the body, that is, it could not be reflected.

For this to happen, the body should be black, which is why this study became known by the name radiation of the black body.

In 1900, the German Planck concludes that energy is a greatness of very small shares, thus suggesting the constant.

It should be noted that thanks to Planck, quantum physics emerges, an area that studies the quantization of energy.

Thanks to his contributions, Planck received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

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